ZEscrow Frequently Asked Questions and Resource Guide

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  • What steps do I need to take to login?

    Login to Business Online Banking or Business Suite Online Banking and click the link to ZEscrow.

  • What happens if I do not receive an email to access ZEscrow?

    Reach out to the Call Center at 877-671-2265 for additional assistance.

  • My bookkeeper doesn’t have access to Business Online Banking, how can they access ZEscrow?

    You will need to complete a Business Online Banking change form to add your bookkeeper so they can access the ZEscrow direct link and manage the transfer process.

  • What is ZEscrow?

    ZEscrow is a digital tool designed to automate the processes and procedures necessary to open, close, maintain and service escrow, trust, and custodial accounts. Users will be able to spin up and spin down escrow accounts quickly and directly through a responsive online portal. The system will handle funding, release of funds, authentication, statement production, interest calculations (including the ability to split interest) and document retention.

  • What are the benefits of ZEscrow?

    • 100% digital access.

    • Open, fund, manage and close subaccounts all online

    • Organize sub-accounts through our unique digital folder system to make tracking easier than ever

    • Option to invite beneficiaries to fill out necessary paperwork online

    • Statements at your fingertips

    • Interest tracking and disbursement no matter how complex interest allocations

    • Automated delivery of statements, notifications, and tax reporting

    • And much more!

  • What are the requirements for ZEscrow?

    ZEscrow customers are required to have access to Business Online Banking or Business Suite Online Banking in addition to having a Disbursement account, Escrow account and any subaccounts.

  • What types of industries use ZEscrow?
    • Property managers and landlords
    • Municipalities/Government entities
    • Attorneys/Law firms
    • Real estate offices
    • Non-profits
    • Builders
    • Unions
    • Nursing homes
    • Title companies
  • Will I receive Escrow statements?


  • What happens if I have access to multiple organizations?

    If a User has access to multiple Organizations, they should receive an invitation for each organization. They will have to go through the complete set-up process for each Organization. For any additional Organizations, they will have to agree to the Terms and Conditions. One login will allow them to view all the Organizations on one screen.

  • What if my tenant is not a resident of the United States?

    A W-8 is required for tax ownership and reporting purposes instead of a W-9. 


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