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A message from Enterprise Bank - Creating Identity Theft Awareness and Knowledge of Related Security Measures

At Enterprise Bank, we are committed today more than ever to provide the highest level of security and privacy when it comes to your personal information. At the same time, you can feel confident that we are always accessible and responsive to assist you with any immediate need. As part of this effort, we feel that it's in your best interest to keep you abreast of information pertaining to one newsworthy issue at hand - the increase in Identity Theft and Email/Website Fraud.

Our mission is to help protect you against crimes such as Identity Theft and Website Fraud (Phishing) that are specifically targeted to consumers. With the rising number of people being affected by this criminal activity, the following information is being provided for the purpose of maintaining your safety and security.

Enterprise Bank is required to provide you with pertinent information to help protect you from becoming a victim of Identity Theft and what to do should you become one. Identity Theft occurs when someone uses your personal information such as, your name, Social Security number, credit card number or other identifying information, without your permission. One common form of identity theft is generated through an email known as "Phishing." In a Phishing scam, a consumer receives an email requesting that they provide and verify personal and financial information on a fraudulent website. This so-called website will resemble the website of a legitimate organization, but any information entered on this site is filtered to the identity thieves who created the scam for use in committing further fraud and crimes.

Note: Please be aware that Enterprise will never contact you to request or verify information about account numbers, PIN's, login ID's, passwords or any other personal information regarding your accounts. To gain a more in-depth knowledge of Identity Theft, Phishing and related information, please refer to the following Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and other applicable websites.

How to detect suspicious activity:

Information on Phishing:


If you have any questions or need further explanation of the methods to help protect you from Identity Theft or if you've become a victim of this crime, please contact an Enterprise Banker at 978-459-9000 or if long distance: 1-877-671-2265. If you feel you have been contacted as part of a phishing scam, please email

To speak with one of our trusted advisors call 978-459-9000, toll-free 877-671-2265, or Contact Us