HEAT Loans


Q. What is a HEAT Loan?

HEAT Loans are offered through Mass Save® and participating lenders, providing interest-free financing opportunities for energy-efficient home upgrades like heating and water heating equipment, insulation, central air conditioning, heat pumps, ENERGY STAR® qualified replacement windows, and more.

Q. How do I get started with a HEAT Loan?

1. Call 866-527-SAVE (7283) to schedule a Home Energy Assessment through Mass Save.

An energy specialist will visit your home to identify improvements and make recommendations to improve your home’s energy efficiency that are eligible for financing through the Mass Save HEAT Loan Program. They will provide you with a HEAT Loan information package.

2. Get Contractor Quotes

Mass Save recommends you get signed proposals on official letterhead from multiple licensed and insured contractors. Once you have a few quotes to compare, choose your contractor, and submit the proposal(s) you want to use and your completed intake form to a HEAT Loan Administrator for review and authorization. If your work meets program eligibility requirements you will receive an Authorization Form.

3. Apply for your Loan with a participating lender.

Bring the signed Mass Save HEAT Loan Authorization form to your chosen participating lender. If approved, the lender will provide you with a two-party check made payable to both you and your contractor(s).

4. Complete your upgrade(s), pay your contractor, and check for rebates

Once the work is completed, sign the bank check and give it to the contractor as the payment. Check for/apply for any available rebates at www.MassSave.com/Rebates.

5. Complete your verification inspection.

Call 866-527-SAVE (7283) for details on completing the required verification.

Q. What are the requirements for HEAT Loan Eligibility?

HEAT Loan Program Eligibility Requirements include:

  • HEAT Loans are available to qualified customers participating in the Mass Save Program.
  • Loan Applicant must be the homeowner.
  • Residents must have a current residential electric account.
  • Financing is available only for qualified energy-efficient improvements outlined within the HEAT loan packet.
  • Loan approval required from a participating lender.

For more information about how Enterprise Bank can help you with a HEAT Loan, please visit www.enterprisebanking.com/personal/loans/personal-loans/heat-loan-program.

HEAT loan financing is subject to credit approval.  Some restrictions and additional terms and conditions apply.  For full information about Mass Save and the HEAT Loan Program, please visit https://www.masssave.com.

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