New Hampshire Housing Mortgage Programs FAQs


Q. What is New Hampshire Housing?

New Hampshire Housing was established by statute in 1981 as a self-sustaining public corporation. Its mission is to promote, finance, and support affordable housing and related services for the people of New Hampshire. New Hampshire Housing does not receive operating funds from state government.

Q. What services or programs does New Hampshire Housing provide?

New Hampshire Housing may help you to buy or refinance a 1-4 family home or condominium in New Hampshire through its various programs including:

  • Help with down payment and closing costs
  • Mortgage financing or refinancing with discounted mortgage insurance options
  • Loans to buy and renovate a home needing repairs or upgrades
  • Homebuyer tax credit program
  • Financing for manufactured homes in qualified New Hampshire Resident-Owned Communities (ROCs)

Please note that program income limits apply, and a homebuyer education program may be required.

Q. What are the qualifications for New Hampshire Housing programs?

Households within the Area Median Income (AMI) limits may be eligible for New Hampshire Housing programs. Each year the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) calculates the median income for every metropolitan area in the country. The AMI is the income at the midpoint between poorest and wealthiest household in the region being measured. New Hampshire Housing programs are designed to offer households within the AMI limits an opportunity for home ownership that might not otherwise be available.

Q. What are some of the benefits of New Hampshire Housing Programs?

A few of the features of New Hampshire Housing programs are:

  • Down payment as little as 3% for single-family homes and condominiums*
  • Down payment as little as 5% on 2, 3, and 4-family homes*
  • Competitive interest rates

*Down payment amount requirements vary based on borrower qualifications.

New Hampshire Housing Mortgage Programs are subject to credit approval.

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