Create more with SBA Financing Programs

As a commercial bank that's committed to building stronger communities, Enterprise Bank has always understood the important role that entrepreneurs and new businesses play in creating jobs and opportunities. Our association with the Small Business Administration (SBA), provides us with one more way we can help your business grow and prosper. As an authorized SBA Lender, we can offer you the quick and easy lending program, along with this suite of flexible financing options:


Use to purchase inventory or finance working capital.

Term loans

Use to procure equipment or renovate a facility.

Overdraft Protection

Use to protect your business from the hassle and expense of overdrafts.

Enterprise Bank is an authorized SBA Lender. Over the years, Enterprise Bank has been recognized as one of the leading SBA Lenders in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire. The bank is proud to offer the quick and easy LOWDOC lending program as well as a variety of SBA loan options. What opportunities can Enterprise Bank create for your business?

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