Investment Management

A successful and enduring investment management relationship begins with us listening to you and understanding what’s most important to you. Based on your unique goals and priorities, we’ll build and manage an investment portfolio or portfolios to attain your specific needs and objectives.

Before we begin to invest, we’ll help you identify and articulate both your risk capacity and your risk tolerance. Together, we’ll create a customized investment policy statement incorporating your time horizon, cash flow needs, tax considerations and any circumstances that may be exclusively yours.

After continued discussion with you and driven by your long-term goals, we’ll define a strategic asset allocation. We’ll begin investment strategy implementation, which includes multiple levels of analysis and decision making by your Enterprise Wealth Management team. Depending on your specific circumstance, your investment portfolio may include individual stocks and bonds, mutual funds, exchange traded funds and diversified separately managed accounts.

While your strategic asset allocation won’t change over time, we’ll make modest asset allocation refinements within pre-defined ranges to reduce risk, enhance return, or both, over the course of economic and market cycles. We’ll stay closely connected with you and monitor your progress toward attaining your long-term investment and life goals.

Our Investment Philosophy:

Strategic asset allocation, diversification, risk adjusted return and manager review/selection are the most important elements of our investment philosophy. Your investment team at Enterprise Wealth Management conducts manager reviews and selection using proprietary scoring and ranking frameworks for all asset classes. We utilize an open-architecture approach to manage selection, considering all managers available in the marketplace. Your portfolio will be constructed and managed with an understanding of how the diversified assets and managers within your portfolio work together so that your long-term goals can be realized with no more risk than necessary – and you can achieve what’s most important to you.


Enterprise Wealth Management is a division of Enterprise Bank providing comprehensive wealth management, including investment management, financial planning, trust and advisory services to individual and institutional clients.

Investment products are not a Deposit, not guaranteed by Enterprise Bank, are not FDIC Insured, not Insured by any government agency, and may lose value. 

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