Enterprise Rewards

Ready to apply for the Rewards Program or need direct assistance from the Rewards Service Center regarding points redemption?

Learn how to earn, choose, and redeem rewards points. 


Start Earning

Register your Enterprise Bank Personal Debit Card1, at the Rewards Site so you can earn points redeemable for rewards including gift cards, travel, electronics, toys, and much more. You can even choose to have cash back credited to your account.

Earning Points Is Easy

Just use your Enterprise Bank Personal Debit Card and you’ll earn points on all eligible purchases when the Personal Debit Card is linked to a checking account!  

  • Earn 1 point for every $3 in eligible purchases!2

You can earn Bonus Points by conducting other banking activities with us:

  • Card Loyalty3 - Earn 1,000 points per month for Card Loyalty Usage.
  • Merchant Funded Rewards4 - Earn special Bonus Points, such as five times the points, at participating merchants. Check the Rewards site to view offers by select merchants.

Choose Your Rewards!

■ Gift Cards - Dining, shopping, salon & spa, entertainment

■ Redeem Rewards points for Cash Back Credited to Your Account

Travel - Hotels, Flights, Cars, Vacations   

■ Electronics

■ Lawn & Garden 

■ Baby Gear 

■ Toys - Bikes, Scooters 

■ Sporting Goods

■ Housewares & Hardware 

■ Health & Beauty 

■ And more!

Redeeming Points Is Simple

Log into your account on the redemption site at the Rewards Site or access your Rewards account from within Personal Mobile Banking under the Cards tab. Then browse the rewards categories and choose how you’d like to redeem your points. You can also contact the Rewards Service Center for assistance at 1-855-326-3916 or email support@customerservice.uChooseRewards.com. Points expire two years from when you earn them, so there’s plenty of time to redeem them!

Enterprise Bank partners with third party rewards provider Fiserv uChoose Rewards® for redemption and processing.

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