Trust and Estate Planning

The team at Enterprise Wealth Management takes a hands-on approach delivering trust and estate planning services to fulfill your objectives, now and in the future. We are fiduciaries and the foundation for our client relationships is the fiduciary standard, which requires that we always place our clients’ best interests ahead of our own.

Since the inception of our wealth management group in 1992, we have been helping families develop estate plans and implement wealth transfer and charitable strategies. Our estate planning and trust services can help ensure your intentions and instructions are fulfilled. The administration of trusts, and the planning which precedes it, are key elements of our wealth management offering. Highlights of our trust and estate planning services include:

  • Capable, client-centric team members integrating estate and financial planning, investment management and trust services
  • Establishing new revocable trust and/or irrevocable trust accounts; collecting assets to fund accounts in accordance with your wishes and directives
  • Experience interpreting trust agreements, distributing assets as instructed by trust terms, preparing and filing tax forms, providing principal and income accountings and addressing specific beneficiary issues
  • Developing and implementing gifting and philanthropic strategies
  • Expert investment management to implement the most effective strategies to achieve the objectives of your trusts and investment portfolios
  • Generating income and helping ensure continuity of a comfortable lifestyle for your spouse, partner or other loved ones
  • Serving families across multiple generations and facilitating meetings with family members or other beneficiaries, if desired by the trust donor
  • Collaborating with your existing advisory team, including your estate planning attorney, accountant and other professionals
  • Serving as trustee, co-trustee, successor trustee, agent for the trustee or personal representative, based on your needs and preferences
  • Maintaining privacy during the estate settlement process and serving as personal representative (executor), co-executor or agent for the executor, depending upon your needs and circumstance

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