Succession Planning and Ownership Transition

Whether you're a company, a family business, or a not-for-profit organization, planning proper leadership succession and ownership transition can be a complex and emotional process. As a client of Enterprise Wealth Management, we can help you plan for your organization's leadership succession, recapitalization or sale and prepare for your new life beyond that transition.

We offer customized advisory service, bringing together senior members of the Enterprise Wealth Management team with commercial lenders, legal, accounting, and other professionals to develop a strategy that fits your needs.

Family Businesses

The vast majority of family-owned businesses don’t survive the transition from founder to second generation, succumbing to estate taxes, family discord - or both. Whether your business is owned and led by family members or other partners, Enterprise Wealth Management can support you in developing and implementing a well-designed plan for continued prosperity and a successful transition.


Non-profits mindful of their own sustainability focus on planning for smooth and thoughtful transitions of leadership. We can help you create a plan to achieve a successful leadership transition while maintaining organizational stability and unwavering commitment to your mission.


Enterprise Wealth Management is a division of  Enterprise Bank providing comprehensive wealth management, including investment management, financial planning, trust and advisory services to individual and institutional clients.

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