Investment Policy Development and Review

An investment policy statement works as both a road map and report card, guiding not-for-profit organization, business, and other institutional investors in effectively supervising, monitoring and evaluating the management of your assets. The investment policy statement helps to clearly communicate the procedures, investment philosophy, guidelines and constraints to be adhered to by all involved parties.

Since investment policy statements are as varied as the organizations they serve, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Your Enterprise Wealth Management team will help you build an investment policy statement that will meet your needs, now and in the future and address the following:

  • Statement of objectives. Your organization's long-term goals, objectives, time horizon and risk tolerance, as well as the organization's spending policy.
  • Asset class guidelines. A list of the asset classes in which the assets of your organization's investment portfolio may be invested, as well as relevant performance benchmarks and guidelines for rebalancing asset class allocations.
  • Duties and responsibilities. A list of responsibilities and activities assigned to the Investment Committee (if applicable) and the investment manager.
  • Monitoring and reporting. A description of the frequency of performance reviews and how they are to be conducted.

Because your organization's needs can change over time, we will work with you to review and refine your investment policy on an ongoing basis.

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