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A diagnosis of Celiac Disease 20 years ago changed Annie Cronin’s life. At the time, gluten-free food was scarce, and what was available wasn’t very good. In 2006, after years of developing recipes she believed were far superior to what was available, Annie quit her job to attend culinary school. After graduating, she set up at farmer’s markets to sell her Annie’s Gluten Free Bakery products. The experience showed her that providing wholesale products to restaurants and stores should be her next step.

Annie’s recipes proved that gluten-free no longer had to mean flavor-free. She just had to convince businesses of the growing audience for gluten-free products and that the products will sell. In five years, Annie’s Gluten Free Bakery has developed a strong following and name recognition in the food business, and the list of places carrying Annie’s products keeps growing. “It’s great to know that people on a gluten-free diet can go into a restaurant now and have delicious options.”

When she was starting out, Enterprise Bank helped Annie with a line of credit. Later, when Thanksgiving pie orders doubled from one year to the next with no place to store them, Enterprise provided a loan and a walk-in freezer was installed. “I really feel like Enterprise believes in me and my business, and really wants to see me succeed.”

"The support and encouragement I get from Enterprise is essential."

Annie Cronin is pictured (center) with Enterprise Bankers (L to R) Wendy Baker and Cheryl Serpe. main-image

“If your business is your passion, be fearless.”

Annie Cronin


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