Dollars and $ense series on LTC raises awareness about fraud and scams

Since the fall of 2013 the program Dollars and $ense, hosted by Enterprise Bankers Prema Nagathan, security officer, SVP and Ken Lavallee, security specialist, AVP, has aired on Lowell Telecommunications Corporation (LTC), Lowell’s source for local public and government access cable TV.

With the motto “Knowledge is Power,” the goal of the Dollars and $ense series is to raise awareness about common types of financial fraud and schemes. Being better informed can help people recognize potential scams to avoid becoming victims. The show is an offshoot of the Community Policing initiative that host Ken Lavallee established with LTC when he was with Lowell Police Department.

Guests on the program have included state, county, and local law enforcement officials, crime analysts, public safety officials, and Enterprise Bankers speaking on a variety of topics. Episodes have focused on providing awareness about elderly financial exploitation, investment schemes, internet fraud, and the ever-growing list of scams designed by criminals with the intent of separating people from their money. Public safety and other topics of interest are also presented.

Episodes of Dollars and $ense can be found on the Enterprise Bank YouTube Channel. Click here to visit. 

About LTC

Lowell Telecommunications Corporation (LTC) is an independent 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization formed to provide public and government access television to the Lowell community. In addition to airing programming on three channels, LTC provides residents of Lowell and surrounding areas the training and tools to create non-commercial television and radio programming that expresses their viewpoints and perspectives to the community at large.

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