Determination of Community Credit Needs

Enterprise Bank actively assesses the credit needs of the community through a number of activities, including but not limited to, community involvement, market research, advertising, and marketing programs.

Community Involvement

Our employees were involved in over 402 non-profit organizations, representing 29,631 hours of community service in 2016. Many of these hours were served in leadership positions on boards and committees. Active involvement in the community, especially in leadership roles, enhances communications between the needs of the community and the Bank. Furthermore, Enterprise Bank's focus on the non-profit community allows the Bank to meet the credit needs of non-profits.

Market Research

Enterprise Bank utilizes both informal and formal market research techniques to keep in touch with our customers, our community, and their needs for banking services.

Advertising and Marketing

Enterprise Bank informs the community of available products and services through the Sales and Marketing Department. The Bank markets products and services in a variety of mediums including, but not limited to, newspapers, radio, direct mail, television, internet and social networking.

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