"Experience taught us early on we could best serve our customers through consistent and disciplined lending, open and honest communication, and ongoing investment in our products, services and people to provide the best business options through all economic cycles."

- George Duncan, Chairman; Jack Clancy, CEO and Richard Main, President

Our Story

In the late 1980s, Massachusetts faced a severe economic downturn. As George Duncan watched his city struggle, he joined other visionaries to help influence the recovery. Together, they imagined a new kind of independent, innovative bank -- one that would value the entrepreneurial spirit and stimulate the economy by helping to create new businesses, meaningful jobs, vibrant communities, and a dynamic work environment in which employees could grow and prosper.

This vision became Enterprise Bank

Our Purpose Statement:

The Enterprise Bank team helps create successful businesses, jobs, opportunities, wealth, and vibrant, prosperous communities. 


At Enterprise Bank we adhere to the Sundown Rule, The Buck Stops Here Rule and 5-Star Service Excellence.

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