What are the expectations of Leadership Development Program participants?

Like all employees, participants are expected to maintain the highest standards of personal and professional integrity, a strong ethical code, and to maintain strict confidentiality at all times. Participants must take advantage of every opportunity to learn about all aspects of banking. They will attend meetings and trainings, complete special projects, assist with meetings and events, become involved with the community, offer honest feedback, be open to feedback, and develop relationships with leaders across the Bank.

What is the length of the Leadership Development Program?

The program generally lasts twelve to eighteen months. It varies based on individualized training programs, projects and available positions.

What happens when the participant completes the Leadership Development Program?

Each participant will collaborate with the program manager, Human Resources, and other managers to identify an area within the Bank that is a good match with participant's knowledge, skills, abilities, and career goals and that fulfills a Bank need. Previous participants have pursued careers in Credit Analysis, Commercial Lending, Branch Banking, and other operational areas of the Bank.

Enterprise Bank is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.

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