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“At Enterprise Bank, we are trusted and empowered to make decisions—there are no layers of bureaucracy—and that is so rewarding for us and important for our customers. Employees are committed to staying at Enterprise because of the positive work environment. We are a team and a family. We all support each other and work hard for each other, and that starts at the top. It speaks to the culture of the bank that has been here since day one.”
- Dwight Feeney, Senior Commercial Loan Officer/SVP


Chet Szablak Chief sales, Community Custumer Relationship Officer, explains how involved Enterprise Bank team members are in the community. “Our team members approached their volunteer hours with great passion, they really believed in the mission of the organizations that they were involved with.”


Sophy Theam, Diversity & Inclusion and Leadership Program Specialist, describes the different resource groups that Enterprise Bank has for team members. “We also have a working parents resource group…essentially related to parenting and having an integrated work-life balance.”


Jamie Gabriel Chief Human Resources Officer, Human Resources, describes the culture that exists within Enterprise Bank. “We strive to create a culture where our team members feel valued, appreciated, respected and it’s an inclusive culture where we’re constantly asking for our team members feedback.”


Charlene Jancsy Talent Management Director, addresses the significance in developing Enterprise Bank team members. “What we want to do is continue to invest and help them reach their professional goals.”


Stephen Irish, Chief Operating Officer, describes how Enterprise bank takes the term Community Bank to heart. "Our role in the community is more than just being a banker. It’s being active in our community and organizations that make communities vibrant."


Prema Nagathan, Security Officer, describes Enterprise Bank’s unique approach to celebrating the diversity of our team members, customers and communities. "There's a whole range of opportunities available at Enterprise Bank...which very few organizations currently offer to their team members."


Bopha Malone, Regional Business Advisor, describes her career development journey at Enterprise Bank. "There is so much opportunity here...if you're willing to work hard and are committed, sky's the limit."

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