Tuition Program Expanded for Enterprise Bank Team Members

As part of Enterprise Bank’s Total Rewards Program and our support of team members’ ongoing education and career development, the Tuition Assistance and Reimbursement program has been enhanced beginning in January  2020. Enterprise Bank, working with Gradifi, is among the first banking institutions in Massachusetts to offer a student loan repayment program as part of the benefits program.

The Tuition Assistance and Reimbursement Program allows team members to participate in eligible education programs that are offered by accredited institutions of learning. In addition to the current program offering traditional reimbursement of tuition for Degrees, certificate programs, and professional certifications, Enterprise Bank now offers tuition assistance. 

Under a partnership with with Middlesex Community College and University of Massachusetts Lowell and effective with the 2020 Benefits Plan year, eligible team members taking courses at either school can delay tuition billing until the course is completed and grade released. Team members attaining qualifying grades will have their tuition  paid directly by the bank to the school. This will make it financially easier for team members to enroll in and complete courses that are directly related to their present position or will enhance their potential for advancement to a position within the Bank to which the team member has a reasonable expectation of advancing.

The Bank’s Tuition Assistance and Reimbursement Program also includes reimbursement for books.

These programs are designed to support team members in developing a meaningful career with Enterprise while providing them the opportunity to reach their education goals. Eligible team members can participate in any of the above educational programs as soon as they begin with the Bank. 

In addition, Enterprise Bank’s Total Rewards program offers a student loan repayment benefit after six months of service with monthly contributions toward eligible student loans paid directly to eligible U.S. student loan servicers.

For more information about Benefits and Rewards at Enterprise Bank, click here.

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