Real-time Alerts

Questions about Real-time Alerts?

Choose your real-time alerts and you’ll always know what’s happening with your account. 

Stay on top of your finances with Real-time Alerts. Choose the alerts that matter to you, and the system will alert you the moment something important happens with your accounts. You’ll know right away when transactions, balance updates, or payments occur based on the alerts you have chosen.

Real-time Alerts are customizable and can be received through email, text/SMS notification, or through the Enterprise Bank Mobile Banking app. Alerts are available for the following account actions:

  • Security
    • Online banking password was changed
    • Online banking login was locked out
    • Online banking email address was changed
    • Username for online banking was changed
  • Balance
    • Account balance above threshold
    • Account balance below threshold
    • Scheduled balance
  • Debit Card
    • Card transaction over threshold amount
    • Debit card pre-authorization hold added
    • Debit card pre-authorization hold added above threshold
  • Loan
    • Loan advance was posted to account
    • Payment posted to loan
  • Transaction
    • ACH deposit (credit) transaction
    • ACH withdrawal (debit) over set threshold
    • Any check number cleared my account
    • Check number XXXX cleared
    • Credit transaction was posted
    • Debit transaction was posted
    • Interest was paid to an account
    • Recent transactions
    • Service charge was added to account
    • Transaction equal to threshold amount
    • Transaction over threshold amount
    • Withdrawal over threshold amount occurred
  • Transfers
    • Incoming Automatic transfer over threshold amount
    • Outgoing Automatic transfer over threshold amount
  • Other

    Broadcast Alerts

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