Construction to Permanent Loans

In Need of a Construction to Permanent Loan?

Building a new home or making significant changes to your existing home can be overwhelming. There are many steps including hiring a builder and working with subcontractors, deciding on all the smaller details such as colors and amenities, and arranging financing to pay for it all.

Enterprise Bank can help make this process easier. We are experts in construction and mortgage financing, which gives you an added advantage throughout the entire process.

How Construction to Permanent Financing Works

A construction to permanent loan is a loan used to pay for the building of your home. During the construction phase, you pay just the interest on the outstanding principal balance of your loan.

Once the home is completed, your financing will seamlessly transition into a permanent phase of principal and interest payments at the previously determined rate.


  • One loan, one closing – your rate and loan term are determined in advance
  • Money when you need it – working with you and your builder, the bank will agree to a disbursement schedule in advance of your loan closing.
  • Quick payments – after inspection of the work, funds are generally disbursed within a few days. You can feel confident that the funds will be there as you need them, in keeping with your pre-determined schedule.

Enterprise Bank’s expert team of mortgage professionals can help simplify the financing of your homebuilding project with:

  • Customized solutions to fit your specific needs
  • Over 125 years of combined experience
  • In-depth knowledge in the construction and residential lending arena
  • Local decision-making authority
  • Solid, earned reputation of providing personalized service

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All loans are subject to credit approval.

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