Investment Management for Non-Profits and Businesses

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At Enterprise Wealth Management, we believe in creating the diversified investment portfolios you need to lower risk, enhance long-term performance, and meet your strategic objectives. In a complicated regulatory landscape, we can support your efforts with services ranging from fiduciary reporting and performance evaluation to committee education.

World-Class Investment Manager

The best opportunity for world-class investment management is to use world-class managers. That's why Enterprise Wealth Management taps into the resources of the world's leading asset researchers, including Northern Trust, Goldman Sachs, and Credit Suisse. Armed with this wealth of information, our team can deliver comprehensive solutions to navigate even the most difficult market environments.

Transparency and Accountability

Our investment process is based on a transparent and continual dialogue with your trustees, board of directors and the management of your organization. By drawing on strategic asset allocation capabilities that focus on downside risk protection, we design customized portfolios and financial guidance for every step of your organization's growth.

Thinking Long-Term

We work with your investment committee to understand your organization's long-term objectives and short-term operational needs - assessing spending policy, current asset allocation strategy, liquidity requirements and acceptable risk levels. We can work with you to develop an investment policy statement designed around your organization's mission, financial goals and objectives.

Based on your organization's investment policy, we recommend investment solutions designed to achieve the desired risk-adjusted return while maintaining the appropriate level of liquidity.


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