“Alexa, What’s my balance?”

Enterprise Bank is excited to bring you the latest in digital banking with our new voice banking service. Enterprise Bank’s new skill for Alexa allows you to access time-saving information about your linked personal bank accounts with ease. Getting started is simple. Just follow the steps below to setup voice banking on your Alexa-enabled devices.*


Setup Your Device

  • Download the Alexa app.
  • Enable the Enterprise Bank skill by opening the Alexa app and selecting “Skills & Games.” Search for the Enterprise Bank skill and select “Enable.”



Link Your Account

  • After enabling the skill, you will need to link your account by selecting “Settings” and “Link Account” from the skill in the Alexa app.
  • Enter your Enterprise Bank account information and PIN.
  • Choose your primary account. This will be the default account that Alexa will use to answer questions. You can ask Alexa about additional accounts by including the account type (“savings” or “loan”) in your question.


Start Talking to Alexa and Enterprise Bank

  • Say “Alexa, open Enterprise Bank.”


Below are some things you can ask Alexa about your personal banking accounts.

Balance Inquiries Branches & ATMs Transaction History Transfers

“What’s my balance?”

“What’s my checking balance?”

“What’s my savings balance?”

“What’s my CD balance?”

“Where is the nearest branch?”

“What are the branch hours?”

“Tell me my recent checking transactions.”

“Tell me my recent savings transactions.”

“Make a transfer.”

“Make a transfer from checking to savings.”

*Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. Terms and conditions apply. Wireless carrier fees and/or data use fees may apply. In this video, the PIN 1234 is for demonstration purposes only and is not recommended for protecting your account.

For questions about voice banking service and the Alexa skill, call customer service: 1-877-671-2265.


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