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Fall 2022 Seminar:  

  • November 17: Post-Election Economic Outlook

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    Hot on the heels of the November 8 mid-term election, Todd Buchholz will provide a breakdown of the results and what they could mean going forward. Gain fresh insights, delivered with wit and wisdom, on what the latest political changes could mean in the areas of:

    • Employment,
    • Inflation/Recession,
    • Retirement,
    • Geo-Political Relations.

    Presented by: Todd Buchholz, Economist and Financial Markets Expert

Spring 2022 Seminar:

  • May 24: 2022 Economic Outlook During a Time of Transitions: The Pandemic Recedes While Russia Advances

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    Blending his humorous style with thought-provoking insights, Northern Trust’s Chief Economist Carl Tannenbaum provided his views on the global economic and geopolitical environments, as well as his expectations for inflation, interest rates and the prospects for continued growth.

    Presented by: Carl Tannenbaum, Chief Economist, Northern Trust

    Carl Tannenbaum, chief economist for Northern Trust, briefs clients and colleagues on the economy and business conditions, prepares the bank's official economic outlook, participates in forecast surveys, and is a member of several committees. He publishes weekly commentaries and is frequently interviewed by media outlets including The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, the New York Times and Reuters. Before joining Northern Trust, Carl spent four years leading the Federal Reserve's risk section and was deeply involved in the central bank's response to the 2008 financial crisis and advised senior Federal Reserve leaders on developments in banking and the financial markets.

    Carl’s banking career began at LaSalle Bank/ABN AMRO where he served over 20 years as the chief economist and head of balance sheet management. He is a member and past chairman of the American Bankers Association Economic Advisory Committee, the National Association for Business Economics, the Conference of Business Economists, the North American Asset/Liability Management Association, and serves on the board of Working in the Schools (WITS), a literacy organization that supports the Chicago public school system. Carl holds an M.B.A. and a B.A. in finance and economics from the University of Chicago.

Fall 2021 Seminars:

  • November 9: Cyber Protection: How to prevent, detect and mitigate your exposure to cyber enabled financial fraud

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    Business Email Compromise (BEC) & Ransomware incidents are increasing in frequency and sophistication leaving medium to small sized businesses vulnerable to bad actors due to limited resources.  Learn how these fraud schemes operate and develop protocols so you do not become a victim.   

    • Learn your organization's vulnerabilities and be prepared to persevere during an incident
    • Understand the roles of entities that may be involved during an incident (Communications, Legal, Insurance, Incident Response Firm, Law Enforcement)
    • Mitigate the situation through a collaborative approach

    Presented by: Tim Benitez, US Secret Service, Resident Agent in Charge, New Hampshire and Vermont

    Tim Benitez has spent the past 22 years either protecting the nation’s financial critical infrastructure or assigned to the Presidential Protective Division. He currently serves as the supervisory special agent for NH and VT where he has developed and manages a team of cyber incident response investigators at the federal and local level that have been trained at the US Secret Service National Computer Forensic Institute.


    Spring 2021 Seminar:

    • May 20: Getting Back to the Office Post COVID-19: An Opportunity to Better Define Work and Purpose


      The dilemma of bringing people back to more traditional work spaces is on every organization’s strategic plan in 2021. We learned that remote workplace technology works much better than we thought. We also learned that blurring the traditional boundaries of work and home takes a toll on the whole family. Routines we took for granted, such as the morning commute, face to face meetings, and casual hallway conversations are actually important parts of our workday. It is said that “the days of everyone in the office every day are over”. So how do we use what we have learned to get the best of both worlds? .


      Jamie Gabriel, Chief Human Resources Officer, EVP, Enterprise Bank

      Jamie has worked at Enterprise Bank for over 20 years and has been the Chief Human Resources Officer for almost 10. She also shares her love for the human resources profession by serving on the HR Committees for Family Service of Merrimack Valley and the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Salem. A mom of two, Jamie enjoys supporting her children’s endeavors by serving as the Board Chair for her children’s school, St. Joseph Regional Catholic School, Treasurer for Salem, NH Softball, and fundraiser for Team New England Baseball.


      Dr. Scott Latham, Associate Professor, Business Policy and Strategy, University of Massachusetts, Lowell

      Scott worked for 12 years in the software industry, where he experienced the highs and lows of the .com boom. After leaving the industry, he earned a Ph.D. in strategic management. His research focuses on organizational decline, disruption, and innovation; it's published in the top journals in the field, such as MIT Sloan Management Review and Harvard Business Review. His recent research on the future of work and innovation has been the basis of support from the NSF, NIH, and the Department of Labor. In the past year, he's been involved in funded efforts by the NIH to evaluate the business viability of starts ups in testing, diagnostics, and treatment of COVID.


      David Model, Chief Operating Officer, Triton Systems Inc.

      David has 37 years of business experience in biotech, biomedical, aerospace and other high technology fields. He has served Triton and its affiliates as a C-level officer from start up through self-sufficiency.

      Over 17 years at Triton, David has served as COO,CFO of two of Triton’s public company affiliates, and CEO, CFO or COO of seven privately financed affiliates. In these roles, he has led many rounds of private and public equity financing for its spin-offs, set up joint ventures, acquired and sold businesses and in- or out-licensed numerous technologies.



      Ken Ansin, President, Ansin Consulting Group


      Ken began his career by working within, and later turning around, his family’s shoe companies, which included brands such as Ansewn, LB Evans, ColeHaan, Woolrich footwear, and private labels for Nordstrom, LL Bean, Dillards and Neiman Marcus. He subsequently lead or co-founded companies including Norwood Cabinet Co., United Site Services, United Material Management, and Ansin Consulting Group. Ken serves on a number of corporate boards throughout the community. An avid private pilot, Ken gives back by flying medical patients for Angel Flight Northeast, and on the ground with FoodLink.

    Winter 2021 Seminar:

    • February 2 : Cyber Terrorism: What can you do to protect your business from becoming a victim?

      Presented by: Meaghan Lally-McGurl, SVP, Operational Risk Director, Enterprise Bank and John Moynihan, SVP, Senior Cash Management Advisor, Enterprise Bank

      It’s not a matter of if you will become a victim of cyber terrorism, it’s a matter of when you will become a victim. Every day we see reports of businesses that have been hacked, malware that has been deployed, and electronic information that has been stolen. What can you do to protect your business from becoming a victim? Our presenters will provide real life examples of cyber threats and provide proven solutions on how to protect your business.



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