Are Changes at Your Bank Impacting You?

Whether it’s been gradual or rapid, many banks have recently imposed changes that have had a negative impact on their customers. Some of these changes are a result of bank mergers and others may be attributed to operational efficiencies. Regardless of the reason, many bank customers are feeling the sting of these changes and are being negatively impacted by them. 

Some minor changes at a bank are inevitable and usually cause minimal disruption to customers. However, more and more banks are instituting changes that are significant and can have a major impact on the experience of their customers. Some changes have eliminated critical services that customers rely on for their everyday needs. Other changes have included closing branches or reducing banking hours that can adversely impact customers.

Has Your Bank Changed for the Worse?

When your bank makes major changes, in addition to impacting the services you may have relied upon, it can affect the relationship you may have previously enjoyed with your bank. If changes at your bank are frustrating you and have altered your bank relationship for the worse, it’s probably time to seek a new bank that offers the products, services, and access that matter most to you.

  • Does your bank no longer offer basic banking services such as home mortgages, home equity lines of credit or consumer loans?
  • Has your bank closed branches or drive-up windows that you rely upon?  Have service hours been reduced, making it more difficult for you to get to the bank?
  • More and more, is your bank pushing you to automated services rather than speaking with a banker that you can trust?
  • Have there been frequent changes in staff and the bankers you have come to trust and rely upon?

If changes with your current bank have you wanting for more, whether it’s products, services, or personal attention, we would love to talk with you. We know that the thought of changing banks might seem overwhelming, and when you choose to bank with us, we will help you through the process. At Enterprise Bank, we have decades of experience working with customers to help them seamlessly transition from banking relationships they are unhappy with to the types of services and relationships that they value.

At Enterprise Bank, we believe people and relationships come first. We were founded with the vision of an independent, innovative bank – one that would value the entrepreneurial spirit and stimulate the economy by helping to create new businesses, meaningful jobs, vibrant communities, and a dynamic work environment for employees. Our bankers are dedicated to the customers and the communities we serve. Our collaborative approach helps us to provide creative solutions to support your financial needs.

Since 1989, we have helped our communities with personalized banking solutions for businesses, individuals, and non-profit organizations, and we are ready to help you. We invite you to visit one of our 27 branches in Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire to talk with our bankers. Click for a list of our locations.

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