Speed Account Reconcilements with eStatements

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Even under ideal conditions, it can take a several days from the time your bank account statement is mailed to the time you receive it. Mail delays, such as those experienced around the holidays, can make it more stressful for your or your team while waiting for account statements to be delivered to conduct your account reconcilement activities.

Regardless of the size of your company, eStatements can help make managing your business accounts easier by saving time, preventing fraud and reducing paper clutter.

Why statements are important

Bank account statements provide information about transactions into and out of your accounts, and the beginning and ending account balances for the period specified in the statement. Reviewing and reconciling account statements in a timely manner is a key step to identifying errors and any unauthorized charges.

Bank statements may be required to qualify for various forms of credit such as SBA loans and certain information may be needed for tax returns.

Electronic statement delivery helps to:

  • avoid mail delivery delays, loss, or theft,
  • provide convenience and access with up to 72 months of statements available for download to your computer, and
  • reduce office space paper clutter while helping to protect the environment.

Whether your account statement is paper or electronic, it is your responsibility to review it promptly and report any discrepancies to the bank.

Best practices for managing eStatements

Once enrolled in eStatements, you will receive an email each month when the statement is available online. You can view, print, or download your eStatements anytime and anywhere with a secure* internet connection. The faster you receive your information, the sooner you can begin your monthly reconcilement process.

Make sure to set and follow a process for accessing, reviewing, and reconciling your account statement.

  • Open and save your statement each month. When you receive the email saying your statement is available, go online, download it, and save the statement to a place where you can access it in the future.
  • Check your account throughout the month. You don’t need to wait for the monthly statement. Check your account daily online or on your bank’s mobile app. Always be alert for any suspicious check or electronic payments, as well as unfamiliar credits and report the transactions immediately.
  • Keep your contact information up to date. Your bank needs to know your email address, mailing address and phone number. A change in your email address would prevent you from receiving your eStatement. If you relocate your business or home, review your financial files to be sure your records are current.
  • Make sure your computer is secure. This is crucial whether you receive paper statements or electronic ones. Change passwords regularly.


Enterprise Bank Business Account eStatements require an enrollment form. To enroll in eStatements, please contact your banking relationship advisor.

*Refer to our Security section for more information.

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