Tips to Protect Your Information, Accounts, and Devices

Fraud Prevention

Hackers and scammers are continuously developing clever ways to defraud people of personal information and money. Following are tips to help you protect your personal information, accounts, and devices.

Protect Your Information

  • Ignore emails, texts, and phone calls from individuals you do not know.
  • Provide your information only to someone you call, not in response to an email, text, or phone call. 
  • Use a secure password management system to store passwords.
  • Access mobile banking and other apps containing your confidential information only when you are connected to a known and secured Wi-Fi network.

Protect Your Accounts

  • Regularly check your bank account activity.  Immediately report unauthorized activity by calling 877-671-2265.
  • Download and use the Enterprise Bank official mobile banking app. Set alerts to be notified of account activity.  Call 877-671-2265 if you aren’t sure which app to use.
  • Always click “Logout” when you are finished using the app or online banking portal.

Protect Your Devices

  • Type in website URLs and look up apps instead of clicking on links to avoid downloading malware.
  • Set your phone to lock after a period of not being used.
  • Use facial recognition, fingerprint scanning, or a strong password to unlock your phone.
  • Install updates to your mobile device’s operating system and applications whenever they are available.

Helping you protect your financial information is important to us. For additional information on ways to prevent, detect, and respond to threats to your accounts, please visit:

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