Stay Alert for a Popular Phone Call/Text Scam

Fraud Prevention

Scammers continue to develop ways to try and cheat you out of your money over the phone via calls or text messages. Once they get you on the line, live or automated phone scammers try to get you to provide information or perform an action they can use to steal your money, identity, or both.

There is an increasingly prevalent fraud scam circulating that you should be aware of, and steps you can take to help keep yourself protected. This notice is meant for informational purposes and to help keep our customers apprised of potential security threats.

About the Phone/Text Scam

  1. The scammer calls a victim pretending to be a bank employee.
  2. The scammer tells the victim that they are about to receive a text and to reply NO to it.
  3. The scammer will then initiate a fraudulent transaction, posing as the victim, triggering a fraud-alert text.
  4. The victim will reply NO to the fraud-alert text, allowing the transaction to go through.

Enterprise Bank will never call you to ask for personal information or call to ask that you reply to a text message.  There are instances where the Bank sends customers a text message when a debit card transaction is thought to be fraudulent or possibly fraudulent, and customers should respond to those text messages. However, the Bank will never call customers and instruct them on how to respond to those potential-fraud text alerts.

If you receive a call requesting personal information or telling you how to respond to a text message you are about to receive, hang up. Do not respond to the text message.

Steps You Can Take to Protect Yourself

  • Monitor your accounts regularly for suspicious activity. Review your account statements monthly and if you use online banking, check your account balances and activity regularly.
  • If you believe you have been the victim of fraud on your Enterprise Bank account, contact Enterprise Bank right away. Call our Call Center at 877-671-2265.
  • Enable real-time alerts on your account to receive a text message when potentially fraudulent activity is detected. More info here.

Helping you protect your financial information is important to us. For additional information on ways to prevent, detect, and respond to threats to your accounts, please visit:

If you have questions regarding your account or any other fraud-related matters or think you have been the victim of fraud related to your Enterprise Bank account, please contact the Enterprise Bank Call Center at 877-671-2265 or speak with your local Enterprise Banker.

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