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Spring 2024 Seminar Series 

Fall 2023 Seminar Series 

  • October 19: Inclusive Strategies for Supervisors or Peers to Support Employees with Diverse Abilities

    Presented by: Lisa Drennan, Founder, MERGE Diverse Abilities Inclusion Consulting

    Inclusion is not about proximity, or simply providing a work opportunity for someone with a disability. Inclusion is the intentional work done to ensure that everyone is welcomed, engaged, and supported to be successful in their roles. If your non-profit business or organization is committed to hiring a diverse workforce, this session is for you. We will explore top inclusion strategies that will give your team the tools and confidence to create a culture of inclusion ensuring that persons with diverse abilities are valued (and equal) members of your team. This seminar covered:

    • Exploring the principles of inclusion to create an environment where ALL can be successful.
    • Learning disability etiquette and suggested terminology around disability that is positive & empowering.
    • Leaving with concrete steps and tips to bring back to your role (or personal life!).

Spring 2023 Seminar Series

Fall 2022 Seminar Series

Spring 2022 Seminar Series

  • June 14: Gender Identity & Expression at the Workplace

    Presented by: Stella Okeke-Common M.Ed & Jen Coburn SHRM-CP

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    Gender is beyond the male/female binary, and gender norms are ever-evolving. During this seminar we will uncover the challenges that transgender/non-binary/gender-fluid (trans) people face in the workplace and learn what can be done to mitigate them.

    This seminar will help you:

    • Recognize gender identity and sexual orientation as two different dimensions of self-identification
    • Understand gender identity and sex assigned at birth are not the same and don’t always align
    • Realize we have been socially trained to think within a binary context
    • Appreciate that trans people have always existed and have been celebrated members of many cultures throughout human history

Fall 2021 Seminar Series

    • October 26: Stress to Strength: Leveraging Your Experience, Identity, and Values to Build Resilience & Gain Hope

      Tuesday, October 26, 2021

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      Burnout Self-Test

      Meditation Video

      Presented By: Reverend Dean Shapley, Director of Mission and Chaplaincy, Lowell General Hospital and Circle Health

      Rev. Dean Shapley is the Director of Mission and Chaplaincy at Lowell General Hospital and Circle Health. He is a United Methodist Clergy, having served several churches near Chicago, and has worked as a chaplain and Spiritual Care Director for various hospital systems. He has specialized training in Critical Incident Stress Response and leads the hospital’s Critical Incident Peer Support Team, and is chair of one of the hospital’s Medical Ethics committees. During the pandemic, he gave seminars on Cumulative Stress to the leaders of health care facilities in northeastern Massachusetts, and served on the commonwealth’s Ethics Advisory Board for developing the Massachusetts Crisis Standards of Care.

    • October 28: The Time Is Now to UnErase LGBTQ History

      Thursday, October 28, 2021

        Presented by: Debra Fowler, Co-Founder and Executive Director, History UnErased

          Debra Fowler is co-founder and executive director of History UnErased, an education nonprofit entirely dedicated to helping K-12 schools bring LGBTQ history into the mainstream curriculum to ensure all students, today and beyond, learn and understand a more complete story of America and a more empowering reflection of "We the people." Debra is a former classroom educator, documentary filmmaker, and since founding History UnErased Debra has presented at national conferences on teaching LGBTQ history including the National Council for the Social Studies, National Council for History Education, Organization of American Historians, and the Library of Congress.


        Spring 2021 Seminar Series 

        • May 6: Using Data to Advance Equity in our Community During the Pandemic and Moving Forward

          The COVID-19 pandemic has laid bare racial and ethnic health disparities that have always existed. It has also taught us a lot about how to better address them. This seminar covered:

          • Gathering and interpreting COVID data through an equity lens
          • Putting data into action  
          • Using data to change systems 
          • Vaccine rollout efforts in BIPOC (black, Indigenous and people of color) community  


        Fall 2020 Seminar Series

        • October 22 : Impact of the Election on the Non-profit Sector

          Presented by: Jim Klocke, Chief Executive Officer, Massachusetts Nonprofit Network

          The upcoming election is one of the most consequential in recent American history. What will it mean for the nonprofit sector--and what should you watch for on Election Night? Jim Klocke, the CEO of the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network, will talk about the issues that will be affected by the election and the broader political context.


          Jim Klocke is the Chief Executive Officer of the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network. MNN is the voice of the Commonwealth’s nonprofit sector, providing advocacy, capacity-building and public awareness services for nonprofits across the state. The Commonwealth’s nonprofit sector employs more people than the manufacturing and financial services sectors combined. Jim was educated at the University of Notre Dame and Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.


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        • November 10 : Art of the Ask in the Digital Age

          9-10:30 a.m.

          Presented by: Rick Blain, CFRE, Richard R. Blain and Associates, LLC and Sharon Mason, Development Director at Groundwork Lawrence

          This pandemic has forced some changes in how we ask and when we ask. However, some things have not changed. Learn more about “the ask” especially as we need to become more creative in this digital age, and given our current COVID crisis. Hear about some actual virtual fundraising events; the challenges, opportunities and successes. Connecting with donors has never been more important, and we need to continue to do so in meaningful ways. Key takeaways include:


          -Understanding why people give: It hasn’t really changed


          -Preparing for the Ask: It may be a little different


          -Cultivation and solicitation: Pivoting our approach


          -Involving our Donors: If only remotely


          -Importance of “listening”: More important than ever


          -Developing donor relations: Communication is key


          -Art of the Ask: Art + Science + Technology


          -And the “New Normal”: What will it be?


          Rick Blain is the principal consultant at his firm for not-for-profit institutions and organizations. His areas of expertise include institutional advancement, capital campaigns, strategic planning, public relations, and board and staff training.


          Sharon Mason is the Development Director for Groundwork Lawrence. She served in the same capacity with the Children’s Law Center of Massachusetts, and with Habitat for Humanity - Merrimack Valley. She has an extensive background in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors. Sharon has served on the boards and committees of several organizations including the Andover Cultural Council, and the Andover SEPAC.


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